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Chuvash and Turkish

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[edit] Заметки

[edit] Турецско-чувашский

-DAKI -> -ри, -чи
-kI -> -хи

глагол + mi + лицо -> глагол + лицо + и

  • sor (preguntar) +DAT → ыйт (спрашивать) +ABL

[edit] Чувашско-турецский

-ха -> 0
терминатив (-шӐн) -> ?

[edit] То, чего требует Ионаѳан

  • Agreement (discussions) on what part of the morphophonology goes where
  • Access to the same corpus as is otherwise being used for evaluation
  • Correct paradigms on the wiki
  • Someone to put up full paradigms of nouns I dig up, potentially from books
  • When there's a problem with phonology, a yaml file that shows:
    • Forms that work as expected
      • another word(s) in same part of paradigm
      • same word in another part(s) of paradigm
    • Forms that don't work as expected
    • This should be a separate yaml file for each individual phonological problem (or best guess thereat)
  • A list of the yaml files on the wiki

[edit] List of questions for Haval's camp

  • ger14??

  • Nouns
    • "Chuvash" words
      • пуртӑ/тенкӗ - удвоение лишь после рт?
      • пару падеж 2-мӗш сапӑт: тус(у)на (p. 83)
      • пару падеж 3-мӗш сапӑт: тус (p. 83) - 2 формы???
      • List of irregular words
        • ҫын
        • атте, анне, пичче, etc.
    • "Russian" words
      • музей/Алексей (p. 80): error in Алексей nominative?
      • Баку (p. 81): this happens only to "Russian" words? To all of the ones finishing in -у?
      • аллея/Ксения (p. 82): почему различаются?
      • Иван = Иванов? Иванова = Ивановна? (declension, morphology)
      • Are there "Russian" words ending with unstressed vowel other than -а (литература) or -е (училище): -и, -о, -у, -ы? Which is their declension?
      • Russian words without сингармонизм (кролик, p. 80) or with optional one (музей) or with compulsory on (училище, p. 82). In this second case, which is the preferable?
    • Categorisation
      •  %<n%>%<advf%>:%{Ӑ%}н K ;  ! FIXME - только отдельные слова!!!
      •  %<n%>%<presn%>:%{dup%}л%{Ӑ%} A-ЙЫВӐР ;  ! FIXME - в конкретных существительных не возможно comp
    • Bidix
      • <l>драмӑллӑ<s n="adj"/> = <l>драмa<s n="n"/><s n="presn"/>?
      • Other possible errors of this kind in the bidix?
  • Adjectives
    • Are there "Russian" adjectives? Do they have any especial behaviour?
    • Categorisation
      • A1:  ! adjectives that can be both substantivised and adverbialised;
        ! all three readings (<adj>, <adj.subst> and <adj.advl>) have comparison levels.
      • A2:  ! (derived/not fully lexicalised) adjectives without adverbial reading;
        ! <adj> and <adj.subst> readings have comparison levels.
      • A3:  ! (derived/not fully lexicalised) adjectives without adverbial reading,
        ! so-called "predicatives" (бар, жоқ);
        ! no comparison levels at all.
      • A4:  ! "pure" adjectives - no adverbial and substantive readings,
        ! no comparison levels;
      • Different possible comparison suffixes: can we have a general default type? And for some typical endings, as -лӑ, -(ил)лӗ, -ла?
  • Adverbs
    • Are there "Russian" adjectives? Do they have any especial behaviour?
    • Adverbs don't have comparison?
  • Verbs
    • Are there "Russian" verbs? Do they have any especial behaviour?
    • All verbs can have all the gerunds, participles, etc.

  • Translations
    • dramatik tiyatro = драмӑллӑ театр/драм театрӗ?

  • Cal explicar-li a l'Oksana com crear fitxers yaml per posar al·lòfons de morfemes
    • I també a fer svn add fitxer!

  • Llista de paraules per afegir
    • Noms
      • юман (Андреев)
      • металл
      • кролик (p. 80)
      • музей (p. 80)
      • тенкӗ (p. 81)
      • Баку (p. 81)
      • Порту
      • хӑю
      • аллея (p. 82)
      • стихия [Ксения (p. 82)]
      • няня (p. 82)
      • Саша
      • училище (p. 82)
      • платье (p. 82)
      • Золотницкий (p. 83)
      • Ивановская (p. 83)
      • Иванова (p. 83)
      • автобус (p. 83)
    • Verbs
  • Afegir llista temàtica de yaml + wiki per explicar-ho

[edit] См. также

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