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and find the original if you need it in <code>cut -f1 nb2nn.tsv</code>.
and find the original if you need it in <code>cut -f1 nb2nn.tsv</code>.

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Wikipedia dumps are useful for quickly getting a corpus. They are also the best corpora for making your language pair are useful for Wikipedia's Content Translation tool :-)

You download them from

Tools to turn dumps into plaintext

There are several tools for turning dumps into useful plaintext, e.g.

Content Translation dumps

There are also dumps of the articles translated with the Content Translation tool, which uses Apertium (and other MT engines) under the hood:

To turn a tmx into a SOURCE\tMT\tGOLD tab-separated text file, install xmlstarlet (sudo apt install xmlstarlet) and do:

$ zcat ~/Nedlastingar/cx-corpora.nb2nn.text.tmx.gz          \
  | xmlstarlet  sel -t -m '//tu[tuv/prop/text()="mt"]'      \
       -c 'tuv[./prop/text()="source"]/seg/text()' -o $'\t' \
       -c 'tuv[./prop/text()="mt"]/seg/text()'     -o $'\t' \
       -c 'tuv[./prop/text()="user"]/seg/text()'   -n       \
  > nb2nn.tsv

Now view the word diff between MT and GOLD with:

$ diff -U0 <(cut -f2 nb2nn.tsv) <(cut -f3 nb2nn.tsv) | dwdiff --diff-input -c | less


and find the original if you need it in cut -f1 nb2nn.tsv.

For some languages, you have to get the _2CODE files or _2_ files, e.g. sv2da is in https://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/contenttranslation/20180810/cx-corpora._2da.text.tmx.gz and da2sv is in https://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/contenttranslation/20180810/cx-corpora._2_.text.tmx.gz – so let's filter it to the languages we want:

$ zcat ~/Nedlastingar/cx-corpora._2_.text.tmx.gz                             \
 | xmlstarlet sel -t                                                         \
    -m '//tu[@srclang="da" and tuv/prop/text()="mt" and tuv/@xml:lang="sv"]' \
    -c 'tuv[./prop/text()="source"]/seg/text()' -o $'\t'                     \
    -c 'tuv[./prop/text()="mt"]/seg/text()' -o $'\t'                         \
    -c 'tuv[./prop/text()="user"]/seg/text()' -n                             \
    > da2sv.tsv