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I am active at fa.wikipedia.org.

[edit] Farsi

[edit] =paired

[edit] links

Note: if you want to quickly create the "skeleton" of a language pair (empty dictionaries, makefiles etc.), do:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/apertium/bootstrap/master/apertium-init.py
python3 apertium-init.py xxx
python3 apertium-init.py yyy
python3 apertium-init.py xxx-yyy
You'll get three directories apertium-xxx, apertium-yyy, apertium-xxx-yyy which you should be able to compile like
cd apertium-xxx
cd -
cd apertium-yyy
cd -
cd apertium-xxx-yyy
./autogen.sh —with-lang1=../apertium-xxx —with-lang2=../apertium-yyy
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