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== Google Summer of Code 2019 -- Anaphora Resolution ==
== Google Summer of Code 2019 -- Anaphora Resolution ==
'''Proposal ''': [[User:Khannatanmai/GSoC2019Proposal]]
'''Proposal ''': Anaphora resolution module [[User:Khannatanmai/GSoC2019Proposal]]
'''Final Report''': [[User:Khannatanmai/GSoC2019Report]]
'''Final Report''': [[User:Khannatanmai/GSoC2019Report]]

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Personal Details

Name: Tanmai Khanna

E-mail address: khanna.tanmai@gmail.com , tanmai.khanna@research.iiit.ac.in

IRC: khannatanmai

GitHub: khannatanmai

LinkedIn: khannatanmai

Current Designation: Undergraduate Researcher in the LTRC Lab, IIIT Hyderabad (4th year student) and a Teaching Assistant for Linguistics courses

Time Zone: GMT+5:30

About Me

Professional Interests: I’m currently doing research in Computational Linguistics and I have a particular interest in Linguistics and NLP tools, specifically Machine Translation and its components.

Hobbies: I enjoy parliamentary debating, singing, playing the bass and reading.

Google Summer of Code 2019 -- Anaphora Resolution

Proposal : Anaphora resolution module User:Khannatanmai/GSoC2019Proposal

Final Report: User:Khannatanmai/GSoC2019Report

Google Summer of Code 2020

Proposal: Modifying the apertium stream format and eliminating dictionary trimming: User:Khannatanmai/GSoC2020Proposal_Trimming