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IRC nick: jimregan

Melange link_id: jimregan


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Random IRC

<jimregan>      pl->cs adjectives up 17%
<jimregan>      like they friggin' shares or somthing
<jimregan>      *they're
<jimregan>      *something
<jimregan>      damn
<spectie>       haha
<Kanmuri>       "In market news today, PLCS ADJ was up 17%, while JR TYPNG was down 25%" ;D

On spectie and questions...

<jimregan2> still though
<jimregan2> if the question ever comes about how to shoot your own leg off, you'd happily discuss aiming techniques
<spectie> haha
<spectie> ...or chop of your own legs with an axe while sitting in a wheelchair...
<jimregan2> Fuck! You've /thought/ about it!
<spectie> http://jayg123.googlepages.com/bestexitinterviewever
<spectie> LOL

Polish dictionaries


- Wczoraj, bandyta napadł mię (Yesterday, a bandit attacked me)
- Co się stało? (What happened?)
- Mówił pieniądze albo śmierć (He said "money or death")
- A co zrobiłeś? (What did you do?)
- Ale śmierdziałem! (Oh, but I stank)

(Voiced consonants in Polish become devoiced at the end of words, so "śmierdź" and "śmierć" sound the same.)

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