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You can do transliteration in lttoolbox using a .dix file and lt-proc -t. This is especially useful for languages with different writing systems where you want to transliterate unknown words into the other writing system. For example:

$ echo "njenje džedže dzedze" | lt-proc -t sh-mk.translit.bin 
њење џеџе ѕеѕе

Note: that the transliteration is done like analysis, left-to-right longest match (LRLM). So, this means you can put strings to transliterate that are as long as you want and they will always be matched LRLM.

[edit] Full example


  <section id="main" type="inconditional">
$ lt-comp lr test.dix test.bin
$ echo "Dobrodošli na Wikipediju srpskohrvatskog jezika, slobodnu enciklopediju koju svako može uređivati." | lt-proc -t sh-mk.translit.bin
Добродошли на Wикипедију српскохрватског језика, слободну енциклопедију коју свако може уреѓивати.
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