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Slovenian and Italian

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Pending tasks

Testing framework
  • Fill out the Pending tests page with some contrastive features of Slovenian and Italian.
  • Set up the testvoc and generation tests.
"Steal" Slovenian monolingual dictionary from sl-es (wait for the corrections)
Slovenian→Italian bilingual dictionary
  • Add closed categories
  • Add open categories, remembering to take note of multiple translation possibilities
Slovenian→Spanish transfer
  • Move to 3+ levels of transfer
  • Investigate how definiteness in Spanish can be inferred from Slovenian.
    • Perhaps consider marking count/mass in bilingual dictionary.
    • Are there any NP structures which are inherently definite ?
      • Superlatives
      • NPs with proper names (e.g. Parlament SlovenijeEl Parlamento de Slovenia)
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