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Setting up a build environment for a language pair

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[edit] Prerequisites

  • All the language data files:
    • Monolingual dictionaries
    • Bilingual dictionary
    • Transfer rule files
    • modes file

[edit] The general steps

You need a Makefile.am which contains the build rules, and a configure.ac which contains the dependencies.

The configure.ac I would just take from an existing package. They're all pretty much the same.

The Makefile.am really depends on your configuration. E.g.

  • Bidirectional?
  • Variants?
  • 3-level or 1-level transfer?

Mandatory files for autotools: NEWS README ChangeLog AUTHORS COPYING

You can just touch these files, they may be empty. Or you can fill them in.

Once you've got the files you can do:

$ aclocal
$ automake -a
$ autoconf

This will give you a configure file, which you can run which will make your Makefile

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