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Prerequisites for nix

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* zlib (under Debian 'zlib1g')
* zlib (under Debian 'zlib1g')
====Necessary libraries (Constraint Grammar)===
===Necessary libraries (Constraint Grammar)===
* libboost
* libboost

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This a general list. Also applies to Mac OS and building in a *nix environment under Windows.

See also the specific instructions for several operating systems/distributions.


Help tools

You will need,

  • subversion

to download (and contribute back) apertium code.

You may also want the text-match-and-hack tool,

  • gawk

which is used in many examples on the wiki (but is not necessary)

Compiling tools

Linux/GNU compile tools

These may be pre-installed on operating systems, even general systems such as Ubuntu,

  • gcc
  • g++
  • make (GNU)
  • pkg-config
  • autogen

In larger packaging systems, one package may cover all of these. For example, in Debian:

  • build-essential

(also includes 'dpkg', the base tool for Debian packaging)


  • libc
  • gettext

almost always pre-installed on any *nix. 'libc' will probably include a necessary 'iconv' library.

GNU build system tools

These may not be pre-installed on operating systems unless dedicated to compiling,

  • autoconf
  • automake
  • libtool

'autoconf' will include several other necessary libraries such as 'm4' and 'perl'.

Necessary libraries

If installed by packaging system, and the packaging system splits headers from libraries, you need the headers too. For example, on Debian, install available xxx-dev packages also.

  • flex
  • libxml2
  • libxlst
  • libpcre
  • zlib (under Debian 'zlib1g')

Necessary libraries (Constraint Grammar)

  • libboost
  • libicu
  • libgoogle-perftools/gperftools (same code by different names)
  • cmake
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