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Prerequisites for Gentoo

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This page shows how to install the standard dependencies of apertium (and related packages) on Gentoo and Gentoo-based operating systems.

Install the apertium dependencies with cave like this:

sudo cave resolve subversion gcc pkg-config gawk ligxml2 libxslt flex automake libtool libpcre libiconv zlib -x

Use flag cxx is required to be on for gcc and libpcre.

If you need vislcg3/cg-proc/cg-comp (Constraint Grammar), you should also do:

sudo cave resolve boost google-perftools icu cmake -x

The apertium ebuilds are in https://github.com/flammie/flammie-overlay you can install everything from that

sudo cave resolve -x repository/flammie
sudo cave resolve -x apertium lttoolbox apertium-lex-tools hfst 

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