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Portuguese (Wikipedia: Portuguese language) is a Romance language primarily spoken in Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique.


[edit] In Apertium

The following language pairs exist in Apertium:

[edit] Trunk (Released pairs)

[edit] Staging

  • French ⇆ Portuguese
  • Tetum ⇆ Portuguese

[edit] Nursery

  • English ⇆ Portuguese
  • Italian ⇆ Portuguese

[edit] Incubator

  • Esperanto ⇆ Portuguese
  • Portuguese ⇆ Interlingua
  • Sardinian ⇆ Portuguese

[edit] Resources

[edit] General

[edit] Grammar, Morphology, & Other Linguistic Components

[edit] Machine Translation

[edit] Dictionaries

[edit] Corpora

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