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PMC proposals/Interpretation of bylaw 11

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Clause 11 of the bylaws currently states:

  1. Committer access is received by committing code and getting sponsorship by two existing Committers, a nominator and a seconder. Upon fulfillment of these conditions, a PMC member will give write access.

The interpretation of the PMC to date has been that committer access is granted upon sponsorship of two existing PMC members. I propose to either:

1) Adopt the current wording


2) Amend the bylaws to state 'PMC members' in place of 'Committers'

(If '1' is selected, the vote should be summarised as 'Accepted'; if '2' is selected, the vote should be summarised as 'Bylaws amended').

Proposed by: Jimregan (talk) Seconded by:

In detail




Adopt existing wording (option 1)

Amend bylaws (option 2)


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