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Mayan languages

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Module Language Group Status ISO 639 Stems Coverage Primary authors
-1 -3
apertium-yua Yucatec Maya Yucatecan 792,113 yua 144
apertium-cak Kaqchikel Quichean 450,000 cak 761
Wastek Huastecan 161,120
Lacandon Yucatecan 600
Mopan Yucatecan 12,000
Chontal Maya Ch’ol 37,072 chf
Ch’ol Ch’ol 212,117 ctu
Ch’orti’ Ch’ol 30,000 caa
Tzeltal Tzeltalan 445,856 tzh
Tzotzil Tzeltalan 404,704 tzo
Chuj Chujean
Tojolab'al Chujean
Akatek Q'anjob'alan–Jakaltek
Jakaltek Q'anjob'alan–Jakaltek
Q'anjob'al Q'anjob'alan–Jakaltek
Mocho’ Mototzintleco
Awakatek Ixilean
Ixil Ixilean
Mam Mamean
Tektitek Mamean
Q'eqchi Quichean
Poqomchi' Quichean
Achi Quichean
K'iche' Quichean 2,330,000
Tz'utujil Quichean
Sakapultek Quichean
Sipakapense Quichean
Uspantek Quichean

Annotated corpora

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