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Finnish and German/Pending tests

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see also Finnish and German/Regression tests


[edit] Parts of Speech

First we simply want to see that words of each POS kind of work.

[edit] Determiners

German has articles, Finnish not so...

  • (deu) der
  • (fin) tämä → die

[edit] Nouns

German requires and article for nominals.

  • (deu) das Haus → talo
  • (fin) talo → Haus

[edit] Proper nouns

Just a small nuisance with apertium's np classes *and* genders.

  • (deu) Jack → Jack
  • (fin) Jack → Jack
  • (deu) Finnland → Suomi
  • (fin) Suomi → Finnland

[edit] Pronouns

Well, yeah.

  • (deu) ich → minä
  • (fin) minä → ich
  • (deu) mich → minut
  • (fin) minut → mich
  • (fin) minua → mich
to me
  • (deu) mir → minulle
  • (fin) minulle → mir

[edit] Verbs

German is anti-drop.

  • (deu) ich schlafe → minä nukun
  • (fin) nukun → ich schlafe

[edit] Separable prefixes

German can separate prefixes with infinite stuff intervening

to capture
  • (deu) die Katze fangen eine Maus → kissa vangitsee hiiren
to begin
  • (deu) wir anfangen von vorne → aloitamme edestä
  • (deu) fangen sie von vorne an! → aloittakaa edestä!
  • (deu) Delegationen kündigten in Caracas an → delegaatiot tiedottivat Caracasissa
  • (deu) Die 62-Jährige kündigte in Berlin an → 62-vuotias tiedotti Berliinissä

[edit] Adjectives

German adjective should agree with noun on their genders.

  • (deu) ein rotes Haus → punainen talo
  • (fin) punainen talo → rotes Haus

[edit] Adverbs

German adverbs are quite but not totally like Finnish; biggest problem is 0-conversion ADV<->ADJ and resulting disamb. problematics

  • (deu) ich schlafe schnell → minä nukun nopeasti
  • (fin) nukun nopeasti → ich schlafe schnell

[edit] Conjunctions


  • (deu) und → ja
  • (fin) ja → und
  • (deu) weil → koska
  • (fin) koska → weil

[edit] Adpositions

German adps have some case requirements but also case variation to determine what happens as well.

  • (deu) hinter dem Haus → talon takana :: dative is static
  • (deu) hinter das Haus → talon taakse :: accusative is movement
  • (fin) talon takana → hinter dem Haus
  • (fin) talon taakse → hitner das Haus

[edit] Numerals

Numerals are ok by themselves usually

  • (deu) eins → yksi
  • (fin) yksi → eins
  • (deu) zwei → kaksi
  • (fin) kaksi → zwei
  • (deu) dritte → kolmas
  • (fin) kolmas → dritte

Numeral phrases are all weird

[edit] Digits

nothing very strange, of course slightly differing orthographies for lots of dinge

  • (deu) 1000 → 1000
  • (fin) 1000 → 1000

[edit] Interjections

As use

  • (deu) hallo → hei
  • (fin) hei → hallo

[edit] Punktion

Fin uses UPOS German apertium style dozen of classes.

full stop
  • (deu) . → .
  • (fin) . → .

[edit] Phrases

[edit] Verbs to possess

Finnish possession is nominal in adessive + copula (olla) in 3rd singular + nominal (in object form?). German has copula for having (haben).

  • (deu) ich habe die Katze → minulla on kissa
  • (deu) ich habe die Katzen → minulla on kissat
  • (deu) wir haben das Haus → meillä on talo
  • (fin) minulla on kaksi kissaa → ich habe zwei Katzen
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