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Dictionary maintenance

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The problem

Problem managing conflict edits for monodix

There are more and more pairs, for examples 7 pairs with English and the monodix en is copied in every pair.

What happens if developper A and developper B edit both the en monodix, say in en-fr and en-es for example? Answer: another developper has to look on both version, look the diff and try to merge. Most of the time developper A tells developper to wait a few minutes or hours, then he commits and tells to developper B that he may now copy his version and starts working.

That is time consuming. For the near future it is manageable, since there are now only a half dozen developpers that regulary go on irc to solve these issue. But in the long-term, it would become harder and harder. Imagine if there are 20 or 50 pairs with English. Imagine that all developpers do not want to wait. There would be different monodix.

Ideas to solve

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