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[[Utilisation de DicLookUp|En français]]
[[Utilisation de DicLookUp|En français]]
== Getting DicLookUp ==
== Getting DicLookUp ==

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En français

Note: After Apertium's migration to GitHub, this tool is read-only on the SourceForge repository and does not exist on GitHub. If you are interested in migrating this tool to GitHub, see Migrating tools to GitHub.

[edit] Getting DicLookUp

$ svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/apertium/svn/trunk/apertium-tools/apertium-diclookup
$ cd apertium-diclookup
$ firefox lookup.html &

[edit] Generating dictionaries for DicLookUp

DicLookUp needs dictionaries in a special form (Trie). There is a task in apertium-dictools that can convert from Apertium dix files into trie-dictionaries.

$ apertium-dixtools dix2trie <dic> <lr|rl> [<out>]
$ apertium-dixtools dix2trie apertium-sl-tl.sl-tl.dix lr sl-tl-lr-trie.xml
$ apertium-dixtools dix2trie apertium-sl-tl.sl-tl.dix rl sl-tl-rl-trie.xml

For example, for Spanish-Catalan dictionaries:

$ apertium-dixtools dix2trie apertium-es-ca.es-ca.dix lr es-ca-lr-trie.xml
$ apertium-dixtools dix2trie apertium-es-ca.es-ca.dix rl es-ca-rl-trie.xml

Then, to make them work on the Apertium website, put the trie-files in webspace/common/xml

$ cp es-ca-lr-trie.xml webspace/common/xml
$ cp es-ca-rl-trie.xml webspace/common/xml
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