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(Current status)
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===Current status===
===Current status===
''Last update: 28 Aug 2017''
'''Dix entries:''' 56,588
'''Dix entries:''' 56,588

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Catalan (Wikipedia:Catalan language) is a Romance language. It is available in Apertium as a standalone analyser/generator (apertium-cat) and as a component of several pairs which translate to/from Catalan.


Language pairs

See also: List of language pairs

In trunk:

Pair name Languages Last update
apertium-arg-cat Aragonese <-> Catalan 17 Aug 2016
apertium-ca-it Catalan <-> Italian 12 Oct 2014
apertium-en-ca English <-> Catalan 28 Mar 2016
apertium-eo-ca Esperanto <-- Catalan 13 Dec 2015
apertium-fra-cat French <-> Catalan 18 Apr 2017
apertium-oc-ca Occitan <-> Catalan 13 Dec 2015
apertium-pt-ca Portuguese <-> Catalan 13 Dec 2015
apertium-spa-cat Spanish <-> Catalan 01 Apr 2017

In staging:

Pair name Languages Last update
apertium-cat-glg Catalan <-> Galician 18 Nov 2016
apertium-cat-srd Catalan <-> Sardinian 03 Apr 2017

In nursery:

Pair name Languages Last update
apertium-ca-ro Catalan <-> Romanian 30 Sep 2015

In incubator:

Pair name Languages Last update
apertium-cat-cos Catalan <-> Corsican 05 Nov 2013
apertium-cat-ina Catalan <-> Interlingua 07 Jan 2016
apertium-eng-cat English <-> Catalan 24 Jan 2016
apertium-por-cat Portuguese <-> Catalan 22 Jan 2016


Current status

Last update: 28 Aug 2017

Dix entries: 56,588

Dix paradigms: 607

Coverage: 94.04% (Wikipedia)

Bidix Guidelines

The current Catalan dictionary is quite big (more than 55,000 entries), so tidiness is essential to ensure future development:

  • Keep entries sorted alphabetically.
  • Keep entries grouped by type and tags (do not mix different types of proper nouns together).
  • Check the file with apertium-dixtools (to update the number of entries and remove duplicates).

Proper nouns

  • Catalan proper nouns (names, toponyms, acronyms, etc.) should all have gender and number. Do not remove them!

Future work

  • Add support for proper noun articles (en/na).
  • Restore gender and number to proper nouns that still do not have them.
  • Tweak entries related to proper nouns with translations (kings, queens, etc.).

For further documentation about Catalan in Apertium, check: Category:Catalan

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