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Work plan

  • Trimmed coverage means the coverage of both of the morphological analysers after being trimmed according to the bilingual dictionary of the pair, that is, only containing stems which are also in the bilingual dictionary.
  • Testvoc for a category means that the category is testvoc clean, in both translation directions.
  • Evaluation is taking words and performing an evaluation for post-edition word error rate (WER). The output for those words should be clean.
  • Bidix: number of stems in the bilingual dictionary
Week Dates Bidix Trimmed coverage Testvoc Evaluation Notes
0 20/05—26/05
1 27/05—02/06
2 03/06—09/06
3 10/06—16/06
4 17/06—23/06
5 24/06—30/06
6 01/07—07/07
7 08/07—14/07
8 15/07—21/07
9 22/07—28/07
10 29/07—05/08
11 05/08—11/08
12 12/08—18/08