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Apertium-uig is a morphological analyser/generator and CG tagger for Uyghur, currently under development. It is intended to be compatible with transducers for other Turkic languages so that they can be translated between. It's used in the following language pairs:

[edit] Installation

Apertium-uig is currently located in our git repository at languages/apertium-uig. A live version may be evaluated at turkic.apertium.org, though no guarantees are made as to whether it is the latest version.

[edit] Dependency tree

To use apertium-uig, you'll need the following software. See this guide for how to install these dependencies. If you use Windows (and not Linux or Mac OS), you'll probably want to use Apertium VirtualBox, which comes with all of the dependencies.

  • hfst
    • foma
      • flex
  • apertium
    • lttoolbox

You can also try our linux binary repositories, e.g. for Debian/Ubuntu.

[edit] Contributing / collaborating

See our document on contributing.

[edit] Current State

  • Number of stems: 17,585
  • Disambiguation rules: 7
  • Coverage: ~54.2%

wikipedia 1.4M ~53.2%
udhr 1.8K ~55.1%
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