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Turmorph is a new morphological analyser and generator for the Turkish Language

[edit] Current State

  • Number of stems: 17,221
  • Disambiguation rules: 76
  • Coverage: ~87.3%

SETimes 4.1M ~92.2%
wikipedia2013 2.7M ~82.4%

[edit] How do I get it

You will need git. Simply run the command:

git clone https://github.com/apertium/apertium-tur.git

[edit] Dependency tree

  • hfst
    • foma
      • flex
  • apertium
    • lttoolbox
  • VISL-CG (svn ≥r9984)

[edit] State of development

At the moment I'm working at the lexicon. If you feel like helping, then mail me at ggrossi@gmail.com

[edit] See also

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